Asiana Airlines

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Why travel with Asiana Airlines?

Asiana Airlines is a cheap air carrier that was founded in 1988 and is a part of Star Alliance. It is headquartered at Seoul and offers 72 international routes through 21 countries and in 62 destinations. They also specialize in 22 cargo routes across 11 countries to and travels to 25 cities.





Reasons to travel with Asiana Airlines

Check out the reasons why Asiana Airlines is perfect to rely on for your next fly:

  • Asiana Airlines is one of the cheapest air carriers and gives a tough competition to expensive airlines from the US
  • Their recent launch of flights with cutting-edge A350 services to go to places like London, San Francisco, Hanoi, Fukuoka, are amazing
  • The airlines are slowly making a mark with their long-haul routes
  • They have direct flights for places like Barcelona and Venice from Seoul since 2018
  • They have lenient rules and lets you fly comfortably with their top class services
  • From allowances for pet travel to assistance for expecting women, this airline is known to have commendable customer service
  • Asiana Airlines has cheap flight fares that make people want to travel with them more often

You can reach out to the Asiana Airlines helpline number for round the clock assistance if you need to know more. They can help you with booking, canceling, rescheduling, and also let you avail a great deal. They have top assistance from their cabin crew department and best possible ticket prices that start at economic rates.